What is sinémaX?

sinémaX is your Video on Demand (VOD) service powered by Cable & Wireless TV. sinémaX consists of two libraries of movies, sinémaX Store and sinémaX Play.

With sinémaX Store you can rent the latest blockbusters from a library of films anytime you want. You may watch rented movies over and over as many times as you want again within 48 hours and will be charged to your monthly TV bill.

sinémaX Play offers you a catalogue of TV series, movies, kids TV and the latest music videos to watch whenever you want.




sinémaX showcases an appealing library of Hollywood blockbusters guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat! Immerse yourself in the biggest and best movies from the major studios and enjoy a selection encompassing all genres from action, drama, comedy, adventure and horror delivered to your screen in spectacular High Definition. Access a catalogue of movies from sinémaX and play at no extra charges.

You can also rent the latest high definition releases in sinémaX Store at SCR 45. Available on Primetime and Fusion Packages.



Watch a selection of award winning TV shows ranging from the classics to latest releases: sinémaX caters for all tastes. Enjoy great offers from all genres in the comfort of your home in stunning High Definition. Access the sinémaX Play library of series on demand. Available on Primetime and Fusion packages.



Be part of the excitement, suspense, betrayal and ecstasy of the telenovela world with sinémaX. From latest releases down to the classics, all tastes are accommodated. Plot twists, reunion, love, revenge and more thrills you can be sure to get your fix. Access a catalogue of telenovelas on sinémaX Play. Available on Primetime and Fusion Packages.


Cartoon and animation

Entertainment for the family is available with sinémaX’s choice of cartoons and animations on offer. Tune in for hours of fun with the wide variety including recent releases and popular favourites. sinémaX has everything from Disney, DCU animations to classic cartoons. Relive unforgettable moments with memorable characters. Access a library of your favourites in sinémaX Play and find the latest titles for rent in sinémaX Store. Available on Primetime and Fusion packages.



How to get access to sinémaX​?

Access sinémax by pressing the VOD button on your remote.


sinémaX​ Store

Select sinémaX Store to rent the latest movies (release date is the same as DVD and Blu-ray). Upon selection of the movie you wish to watch, simply enter your 4 digit PIN (by default is set to: 0000).



You can browse the sinémaX Store using the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and OK buttons. You will find more information and movie previews when you select a title with the OK button. Having chosen the movie to rent press the GREEN button enter your PIN and press OK. Start watching the selected movie by pressing the GREEN button again.

Your video will be saved in the My Videos folder for 48 hours if you decide to stop the film and continue watching later.


Changing your PIN

It is strongly advised that you change the default PIN to a secured one of your choosing.

To change your PIN simply press the MENU button on your remote, then scroll right on your screen to SETTINGS. Inside SETTINGS select TV Interface. The Change PIN option will appear on the right. Select the Change PIN option & follow the easy prompts.


sinémaX Play

Select sinémaX Play to access the catalogue of movies included in your Cable & Wireless TV package (included only on Primetime & Fusion).

You can browse sinémaX Play using the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and OK buttons. You will find more information and movie previews when you select a title with the OK button.


sinémaX control tips

Whilst watching a movie you can PAUSE, Fast-Forward (FF) or Rewind (REW).


Search for video content

You can even search for movies by their titles. Simply follow the steps below:

1- Enter the sinémaX menu by pressing the VOD button on your remote.

2- Press the BLUE button to start the search prompt and a new window will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

3- Set the search type to VOD by pressing the right directional button and ensuring the      icon is present next to the word VOD. You can do this by using the OK button.

4- Press any button from zero (0) to nine (9) to launch the QWERTY keyboard and type the film title that you wish to search for and select the Enter key. Note that you can also type only a part of the content title to perform the search.

5- Finally press the BLUE button on your remote control to perform the search. The list of results will be displayed. Scroll down using the up and down buttons and press ok to select the movie of your choice.

6- To exit from the search function and from the sinémaX menu press the BACK button.



My Videos

All of the videos that you have rented and are still available to be watched (up to 48 hours after purchase) are saved in the My Videos folder. To reach this category, follow the next steps:

1- Enter the sinémaX menu by pressing the VOD button on your remote.

2- Go to My Videos using the DOWN button and press OK to select it. All rented videos which are still eligible for watching will be displayed.

3- If you would like to watch one of your videos, simply select it using the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and OK buttons. When the movie's details window pops up, press the GREEN button to start watching the movie.

4- The BACK button is used to exit from My Videos and again from Sinémax menu.



Best Sellers and Most Popular

Check out the Best Sellers and Most Popular content.

There are two categories in the sinémaX menu, which might help you in deciding which videos to watch. These categories are (i) Best Sellers and (ii) Most Popular. Best Sellers contains videos which have been rented the most, whereas Most Popular comprises of videos which have been watched the most.

The two categories can be reached by the following steps:

1- Enter the sinémaX menu by pressing the VOD button on your remote.

2- Using the UP and DOWN buttons reach the categories Best Sellers and Most Popular and press OK to select. A list of videos will be displayed, for each of the categories, according to the choice that you have made.

3- The BACK button is used to exit from the category and again from sinémaX.